Rudy Verjus


Switzerland (NA)


So do you spend Lots of Time in your feet everyday? Does your job require you to be on the go constantly, do you have trouble with your feet, if you answered yes to those questions, than the help you may need comes in a small foot size tub.

A foot-spa, is a Excellent way To unwind after a long day, no matter if you are in a office environment all day or walking on your feet all day, the foot-spa will bring a smile to your face and ease to your feet, making you prepared comfortably ready for bed.

One type of foot massage You may consider is the Kendal Foot-spa, a few features that it has to offer comprise, the oxygen bubble water treatment, which allows your feet to soak, while setting a good tingle as your feet unwind. The second attribute is the opportunity to turn it to a heated massage for your soar inner sides of your toes and the sides of your foot, a third feature which produces the Kendal great is the high frequency vibration routine which you are able to run with it, when you place your feet on the bottom of the spa, you’ll notice the padding has plastic spikes, these plastic spikes allow the foot massage to supply you with a nicely curved vibrating massage of your feet. The easy to use Kendal also has three settings enabling you to control the speed you desire your foot massage to be in a slow gentle massage, to some stronger deeper tissue massage.

These attributes are only Some of the advantages of having a Kendal Foot-spa on your house. It is also Known that foot massages, allow for enhanced blood circulation too. See best foot spa for men.